Business advice for small and mid-size EU - business owners,

Are you willing to do business in Switzerland?
Does your business need support for developing your activity in Switzerland?
Personalize your profile, determine your goals.
No matter the field you are in, the principle of coaching remain the same.
The top 10 time wasters:

01 -  Lack of planning prioritizing and focus,
02 - Procrastination,
03 -  Interruption,
04 -  Lack of delegation,
05 - Meetings,
06 -  Crisis management,
07 -  Internet, telephone and email,
08 -  Not saying “no”,
09 - Lack of organization and untidiness,
10 -  Not enough time off or time for yourself.

The name of the game is:      success and cash flow!
BERA team does take charge of doing the proper planning and research!
Ask for more, then BERA team is helping others succeed.