Bera-Consulting & Partners
was founded in 1978 as an independent consulting firm specializing in professional services. The team offers advisory services and supports in connection with the buying of Swiss small and mid-sized companies.

We will support you during the contract negotiations and put all our efforts in getting the ideal result. Your success is our goal! Therefore, our fees are entirely based on success. Doing the right things correctly, hand in hand, efficient and reliable. We work together aiming to fulfill our customer’s requirements ideally.

BUYING Firms  in Switzerland
Are you planning to buy a company based in Switzerland? We would be happy to accept your mandate for the search of a company. Prior to the purchase of the firm, we, in safeguarding confidentiality and anonymity, could prepare for you an independent company evaluation. Also we would be supporting you in legal- and tax- related issues as well as assisting you during the duration of the purchase project, such as: the Letter of Intention (LOI), the Due Diligence, the price negotiation until conclusion. 

Our professional approach and the active marketing will result in an increase of the sales price. Opportunities are exploited.  We draw up a sales plan for you, adjust your business accounts and prepare an attractive documentation of your company. We research legal and tax-related issues.

A well-regulated sales procedure helps you to safeguard confidentiality and anonymity. Risks are avoided.

We are happy to invite you to contact us in order to arrange an initial meeting